Vessel Acquisition Services

Why Us:

Portplus has the technical and financial expertise to acquire and operate vessels, with key partners in Singapore, China, Turkey, Norway and Indonesia.


Portplus Limited has acquired the following vessels, MV GoodHope (Offshore Supply Vessel) and Martha’s Pride (Platform Support Vessel).

The company has also operated a number of vessels and they include but not limited to the following, MV Bourbon Ruby & Tampen (Platform Support Vessels), MV Bourbon Liberty 247 & 249 (Anchor Handling Tugs Supply), MV Kolos (Anchor Handling Tugs Supply), MV Progress (Offshore Supply Vessels), MV JP Blessing (Offshore Supply Vessel). Below is a list of vessels Portplus Limited has operated:

  • MV Bourbon Ruby (Platform Supply Vessel)
  • MV Bourbon Tampen (Platform Supply Vessel)
  • MV Bourbon Liberty 247 (Anchor Handling Tug Supply)
  • MV Bourbon 249 (Anchor Handling Tug Supply)
  • MV Kolos (AHTS)
  • MV Progress (Offshore Supply Vessel)
  • MV JP Blessing (Offshore Supply Vessel)
  • MV Oracle 1 (AHTS/Towing Vessel)
  • MV Navigator (AHTS)
  • MV Sea Giant (General Utility/Security vessel)
  • MV Britannia (Security Vessel – 3,000 bhp)
  • MV Mathas pride (Platform Support Vessel)
  • MV Tango Mary (General/Security Vessel)
  • MV Abuja Eagle (Security Vessel)
  • MV Tim Timodi (Security/Accommodation Vessel)
  • MV Good Hope (Offshore Supply Vessel)
  • MV Enterprise APD 30
  • MV East Wind
  • MV Pacific
  • MV Ramah (Tug Boat)
  • MV Count Fleet
  • MV V Mega III
  • MV Hercules Mariner